Be On The Board

Elections for board members are held at the Regional Conference in each of the six regions. Individuals are nominated by themselves or their peers to run for a position on the SA Board. Board positions are for 3 year terms and elections vary based on when the current board member or members term ends. Open board positions are listed in the Regional Conference brochures. The following is a list of the board member responsibilities:

1. A regional board member is required to attend, and actively participate in four (4) board meetings a year. These meeting are two-three (2-3) days long. They are held in the Albany area.

2. A regional board member is required to travel around the region and participate in various regional activities. A board member may also be required to travel throughout the State. Any expenses associated with traveling (transportation, lodging and meals) will be paid by the Self-Advocacy Association.

3. A regional board member is required to actively participate in public presentations. They will be asked to meet with public officials on behalf of the Self-Advocacy Association.

4. A regional board member must be able to communicate with board advisors, regional GROP staff and local self-advocacy groups on a regular basis.

5. These are the minimum requirements for board members. A board member may be asked to assist with, or participate in various self-advocacy activities at the discretion of the Executive Board.