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Contact: Susan O’Hearn,
Western/Finger Lakes Regional Coordinator

        • SANYS Is Looking For A New Administrative Director  – After many years of successfully supporting the Board of Directors of SANYS and managing the operations of the organization, our Administrative Director is retiring at the end of 2016.  If you think you have what it takes to support the incredible self-advocacy leaders in New York State and have the qualities needed, please send your resume and a cover letter by email or regular mail to: Tim Tompkins, President, Self-Advocacy Association of New York State, Inc., 500 Balltown Rd., Bldg. 12, Schenectady, NY 12304
    • The Transportation Summit, held on November 5th, was a big success.  Many Self-advocates and transportation representatives were at the meeting.  In the morning people were able to speak up about their transportation issues.  They were asked to give some brief examples of the transportation challenges they face in their everyday life. Some of the issues that were discussed were community inclusion, safety, availability such as no service after 5:00pm and/or no service on the weekends as well as shrinking service areas.   In the afternoon people broke up into three groups: Rural, Suburban and Metropolitan and talked about the challenges in each area.  After the small groups everybody got together and talked about the top concerns they had.  They plan to use to create a summary of the day, called The White Paper.  We’ll keep you posted!
      • We would love to hear your stories about transition or anything about self-advocacy.  For example, how you have spoken up about your life experience.  Write on our Facebook page and tell about your experience.  Click Here for link to Finger Lakes Facebook
        • Statewide 2016 Awards –     There were many Finger Lakes Nominees.  One of the this years winners were The Powers That Be, winning the Statewide Group of The Year.  Congratulations to Powers That Be!  Check out the Picture of the winners located on the Photo page.
    • As we get started planning the 2nd Annual Self Advocacy Officer and Advisor Summit, we would like your feedback and suggestions. The first annual summit was held at the Clarion hotel in Batavia.  What does everybody think about using this location again…..? we would love your feedback!  We hope that the self-advocates who attended last year will be back and hope that some new people will come.   We hope to plan an event that helps individuals to grow as leaders.  You can post your comments on our Finger Lakes Facebook page.  Click Here for link to access the Finger Lakes Facebook
    • Thank you, Kim Henchen, Finger Lakes SANYS Summit Team Member
  • Finger Lakes Regional Meeting – Want to stay CONNECTED? – CHECK IT OUT – The Finger Lakes Regional Group Meeting

New Timeframe:  The Finger Lakes Regional Self-Advocacy Group Meeting (via Video Conference) is held on the 1st Wednesday of each Month.  We hold two separate meetings from 10:00am – 11:30am & 4:00pm – 5:30pm – Meeting locations: Elmira; Rochester; and Newark DDRO’s

Get involved and join us for the next regional group meeting on December 7th: The Special Topic is “Grow your Group Membership” with Planner: The Statewide Self-Advocacy Group of The Year: The Powers That Be

People are always encouraged to make appointments with their representatives here at home to talk about issues that are concerning them such as a living wage for Direct Care Professionals and more residential living opportunities.

 *For your next regular self-advocacy group meeting, think about having a guest speaker present about the things that are important to the group and invite a friend to attend.   It’s a great way to gain new members and perspectives while learning new things and ramping up the meetings at the same time!


  • SANYS U: It is a Leadership Course for people who want to learn more about self-advocacy and how to be a strong self-advocate. Contact us if your Self-Advocacy Group is interested in taking the SANYS U course. 585/461-8776  Some of the Groups that have been through or are going through the training are; Friends Helping Friends, Supportive Friends, The Power That Be, Handicapables, Advocates Coming Together (ACT), Community Connections, The Powers that Be, Self-Advocates Teaming Together, Independent Choices, Lochland School, Boces II Classes.