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Contact: Susan O’Hearn,
Western/Finger Lakes Regional Coordinator



ANNOUNCING Deadline Extended to June 1st!

2018 Western Regional Self Advocacy Conference June 28 and 29th at the Quality Inn, Batavia, NY

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2018 Registration Packet

Self Advocacy Night at the Texas Roadhouse June 4, 2018 in WNY Rochester, Elmira, Tonawanda and Cheektowaga locations:

Click here for more information: Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser

Finger Lakes Regional Meeting – Great way to stay CONNECTED!! – CHECK IT OUT – The Finger Lakes Regional Group Meeting is held on the 1st Wednesday of each Month.  We hold two separate meetings on that day.  The first meeting is held from 10:30am – 11:30am & the second meeting is held from 4:00pm – 5:30pm – There are three meeting locations: Elmira; Rochester; and Newark DDRO’s.

  • The next Finger Lakes Regional Self-Advocacy Group Monthly meeting will be June 6th.

June 6th – AM meeting Guest Speakers, Tim Tompkins and Carl Grayson, SANYS Board Members reviewing the 2018 SANYS Legislative Policy Platform.  

June 6th – PM meeting Guest Speaker, Jim Ciurca sharing his Story of Self-Direction.  We will also be discussing the Legislative Policy Platform in the PM meeting.  You’re welcome to come and invite others to see what we are about and learn more about self-advocacy.

  • Don’t forget to check out The Finger Lakes SANYS Facebook Page by Clicking Here 
    • We would love to hear your stories about changes in your life.  
    • 1.) Think about what has transformed your life?  
    • 2.) Share an informational story about how you’ve spoken up for your rights as a self-advocate.  

For example, Kim shares on the Finger Lakes Face Book: “When I was working on my self-direction plan, I advocated for what I wanted”.  

    • 3.) Help others – by sharing like Kim has and write about your experience on our Facebook page.

Speaking Up to Your Representatives: Make your voices heard – SANYS encourages people to make appointments with their representatives, here at home, to talk about issues that are concerning them such as “Supporting the Workforce” by advocating for a living wage for Direct Care Professionals (BFair2DirectCare Campaign) and more “Housing” residential living opportunities.  “Employment and Daytime Activities and Supports” we want jobs and other meaningful ways to spend our days.  “Self Determination and Self-Directed Services” we are advocating for Self Determination to be improved by making readily available to everyone across the state.  “Transportation” we are advocating for increased routes and buses to get all citizens, who use this service, to get us where we need to go.  “Managed Care” we want to know how it is going to affect us and that people who care about us are in charge and not in it for the money.  Click Here for The SANYS 2018 Legislative Platform.

Want to GROW your Self-Advocacy Group and Have Interesting Meetings: For your next regular self-advocacy group meeting, think about having a guest speaker present about the things that are important to the group and invite a friend to attend.   It’s a great way to gain new members and perspectives while learning new things and ramping up the meetings at the same time!


  • SANYS U: It is a Leadership Course for people who want to learn more about self-advocacy and how to be a strong self-advocate. Contact us if your Self-Advocacy Group is interested in taking the SANYS U course. 585/461-8776  Some of the Groups that have been through or are going through the training are; Friends Helping Friends, Supportive Friends, The Power That Be, Handicapables, Advocates Coming Together (ACT), Community Connections, The Powers that Be, Self-Advocates Teaming Together, Independent Choices, Lochland School, Boces II Classes and The Silver Lake Self-Advocates.  Check out this Promotional Flyer  by clicking Here