The School of Grassroots  Advocacy

Your local Regional office of SANYS can provide your self-advocates and their support staff an engaging curriculum that is designed to:

  • (a) Give individuals with disabilities and direct support professionals a more thorough understanding of the important subject of self-advocacy and
  • (b) Help develop future leaders for the self-advocacy movement.

This dynamic, interactive course of study deals with the following particular core subjects and is aimed at being accessible to as broad an audience as possible.  The sessions include:

  •  Introduction to Self-Advocacy & Leadership Development
  • History of Disability Rights & Self-Advocacy Leadership
  • Your Individual Rights & Responsibilities
  • Tips for Strong Self-Advocacy Groups
  • Self-Advocacy Leadership Skills
  • You and Your One Wild Precious Life!
  • Advocate for What You Want!
  • You are Community!
  • What Are Some Current Self-Advocacy Issues?
  • Games, Leadership Projects & Graduation

A good class size would be between ten to twenty students. The students must commit to attend at least 80% of the course offerings in order to receive a certificate. Scheduling of the classes can be made flexible to meet each organization’s particular needs.

While the SANYS U course offering are free to students, we ask that supporting agencies make a minimum donation of $250 to SANYS (or provide some type of in-kind production supports) to help the development and assembly of the course and student materials.