Structure of the Board

The Self-Advocacy Association Board of Directors is made up of people with developmental, or other, disabilities. SANYS Board members speak up for you and the region that you live in. They are your voice.

There are up to 18 Board members from around New York State.

The State is divided into six regions: Western, Central, Capital District, Hudson Valley, New York City, Long Island.

Board members are elected by you, other self-advocates.

Executive Committee

Marilyn Stata


Western Finger Lakes

BJ Stasio

Co Vice-President

Western Region, Buffalo

Joshua Santiago

Co-Vice President

Lower Hudson Valley

Michael Coughlin


Central Region, North

Tony Phillips


NYC, Manhattan


Cathy Loquercio

Long Island Nassau

Joseph Dorr

Long Island-Suffolk

Thomas Kernehan


Ernest Walker


Danielle Lanzetta


Brendan Klein


Joshua Santiago

Hudson Valley-Lower Hudson Valley

Esther Dygert


Michael Coughlin


Ted Perry


Marilyn Stata

Western-Finger Lakes

Michelle Rosernber

Hudson Valley-Capital


LaRenz Pickens

Coleen Mackin

Chester Finn

Ann Hardiman

Tom McCluskey

Be on the Board

Elections for board members are held at SANYS Regional Conferences. Board positions last 3-years.

There are a number of requirements to become a candidate for the SANYS Board.  One of those requirements is to belong to SANYS Member Self-Advocacy group.

For more information on requirements and how to run for the SANYS Board please contact your SANYS regional office.


Board members at SANYS have a wide range of responsibilities. Below are three core responsibilities.

A board member is asked to attend four (4) board meetings a year. These meetings are two-three (2-3) days long. They are held in the Albany area.

SANYS board members are expected to represent their regions. Board Members attend regional self-advocacy meetings to hear from the self-advocates that they represent.

Board members speak in public and attend other regional or statewide events as necessary.

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