About Us

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Who We Are

The Self-Advocacy Association of New York State, Inc. (SANYS) is a not-for profit, grassroots organization run by and for people with developmental disabilities. Our goal is to help create a person-centered and person-directed system of supports. To further this goal, the SANYS executive board supports self-advocates and self-advocacy groups regionally and statewide. SANYS encourages them to speak for themselves individually and collectively.

What We Do

  • We help set up local Self-Advocacy chapters, re-energize existing groups, and share information on local and national Self-Advocacy issues. We can also help you join a local Self-Advocacy Group.
  • Members of our AmeriCorps project provide free presentations, titledĀ Our Experience is the Best Teacher, to educate our peers, communities, and staff about our lives and what we have to offer. Click here to request a free presentation or call us today.
  • Speakers Bureau members offer presentations which stress that no community is complete unless everyone has the opportunity to be involved. We speak to community groups, schools, faith organizations, and agency boards of directors. Call us or click here to request a free presentation.
  • We provide training and support for Self-Determination. Discover a new way to create the life you want, buying the services you want – and about how your Circle of Support can help you get there.