In the photo below, SANYS' President, Cathy Loquercio, gives Jim a gift at his recent retirement  party.


Also seen in the photo are past presidents of SANYS,  Chester Finn, Tony Phillips,  David Liscomb and Administrative Director, Steve Holmes.

Board with Jim moran

 A large version of the above photo, given to Jim as gift, is of Jim (see middle of the back row) and SANYS  current board members. Over the years, Jim visited with SANYS  board on many occasions. Tony Phillips passionately sang "May the work I've done, speak for me", by the Consolers. Steve and the board sang a verse added by SANYS:

Jim, the work you’ve done speaks for you

Jim, the service you’ve given speaks for you

And you’ve done the best can

So we want you to understand

As far as we’re concerned

You are the man!

At the end of the presentation, David Liscomb read a statement from the Board: "Jim, thanks for always listening to us, thanks for always being straight with us, and thanks for all the good work you’ve done for us!"