During the month of February and the beginning of March, it is a very good idea to advocate with your New York State legislators for an increase in funds to service providers so that they can raise the wages of Direct Support staff. Agencies and those Self Directing their services need to be able to pay staff at least $15 an hour, if not more. The only way that can happen is if the Governor increases funds in the budget for it. If you are having trouble finding good staff, having high turnover, or you just love the staff you have now and don't want to lose them, then this might be a good time to tell them about your life and why you support an increase! A few sentences on a piece of paper is more than enough to help get the message home. You can send letters to the Governor as well. For help finding your state Senator click HERE and your Assemblyman click HERE. As we say in SANYS U: Speak Up!