Dear Finger Lakes Self-Advocate Group Leader and Advisor   The Finger Lakes Region will be hosting a Reconnection Group(s) Zoom Meeting Monday, June 29th 11am-12pm   zoom mtg link:   pass word: 2b6R2B   We realize there have been a lot of changes going on with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis that no one has dealt with in their lifetime before.  During this unprecedented time, some of the Finger Lakes regional groups have been meeting successfully, virtually.  SANYS is here to help all of the regional self-advocacy groups stay strong, stay connected or to get reconnected, if they haven’t already.   SANYS would like to support the regional self-advocacy groups that have not had the opportunity to get reconnected yet.  SANYS Finger Lakes and several of the regional groups that have reconnected virtually through the use of technology are very interested in helping your group get reconnected too.   Join us in this reconnection zoom, next Monday, June 29th, 11am-12pm as we listen to group leader/advisor experts on how virtual meetings can be done and why it is so important, especially now, to stay connected.  Or join us to grow as a self-advocate as we talk about advocacy issues while staying connected with old and new friends as we all learn new technology…………………….. and just as importantly, plan to join us to see the raw emotion on faces, from tears, concern, supportive looks and yes, even smiles and laughter!   See below for more ways to connect, learn and grow as your own best advocate self….   SANYS has been offering supportive “Staying Connected” type zoom meeting opportunities weekly during the pandemic as a way to let people know we aren’t alone in this – we’ll get through this together.  Some of these weekly zoom opportunities are: Tuesday Wellness 4-5pm series which features a different activity each week;  Wednesday “Staying Connected” Advocacy-Wellness 1-3pm which offers a time for advocacy issues and then a time to take a breath with relaxing meditation followed by a weekly right and wellness / core competency quote as we own our wellness; Friday “Staying Connected” Open Mic Supportive Group 1-3pm is a time to share openly our thoughts and feelings as we are there for each other.   Watch for the SANYS Weekly Update emails or check out Thank you for all you have done and are doing, Susan (letter also attached to share and post) -- Susan O'Hearn Self-Advocacy Association of NYS, Inc. (SANYS) Finger Lakes Regional Coordinator 585.461.8741 - Office 585.738.4687 - Cell