Last Week's Wrap Up: Finger Lakes Regional meeting: We had a guest speaker, Jackie Schouten from Able2 sharing about Self-Direction and how it can give people control over their service(s) budget and more as they make the best life choices for themselves including who they hire and fire.  We learned that a few, during this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 Pandemic, are choosing to suspend their self-directed budget as a way to minimize exposure to themselves and their families, with their families being able and willing to take on the full role of support for their loved one.  We also learned that a suspended self-direction plan can be easily reinstated for up to a year but after one year the person would need to begin the self-direction plan process all over again.  We talked with self-advocate, Todd Vaarwerk, WNYIL about the importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  Todd shared with us about the need to protect ourselves and others through social distancing as well as wearing face masks, that can be bought or made, and ensuring staff wear protective equipment like masks, gloves and aprons (gowns).  Todd shared that gloves are still difficult to find but the Finger Lakes group said they have what they need.  We asked the question what do people believe the providers should know from their perspective as things begin to open up over time: Self-Advocate feedback: (FL Regional meeting)   Just make sure there is a reasonable time for the transition. A lot of times the transition back to normalcy is WAY TOO FAST.   Transition plan will need to take into account if there is a second and third wave or we’ll be right back where we are now   I'd like to be able to see my girlfriend in person and want to transition back to in person relationships.   Really not excited about going back to day hab program anyway, instead would like to transition into a job or volunteer opportunity that leads to a job.   We should wait until there is a vaccine that we all would take and have a health check-up, slowly getting back into normal activities.   Wear masks and social distancing for another 6- 12months, at least.   Broker feedback: (FL Regional meeting)   If masks are still required as people transition back into programs, will the masks be provided by the provider?  How will social distancing be possible in the day hab programs?