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Hi, I’m Lecia Holke and I speak up for myself! I noticed that my communication monitor in my room needed to be repaired. I went to the house manager and told her I needed a new monitor. By speaking up and asking for a new monitor, I got one. My monitors are used so I can call staff when I need help in my room. I also have a cell phone that I use that when I am out in the community. This helps me to keep in touch with staff, if I need them. I had my own apartment about 5 years ago and I faced some obstacles. Sometimes staff didn’t show up when they were supposed to. I called their manager to let them know that staff did not show up and, by speaking up, other staff were sent over to come and help me out. Another obstacle I faced was that the laundry room was downstairs so I could not access it by myself, so I had staff come and help me do my laundry every week. By speaking up I got the extra help that I needed in my apartment!