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Living in the community Independently 

Through Self-Direction Services

My name is Allan Walley and I have been living in the community independently through self direction services for a year as of March 3, 2014. I have supports living in the community. I enjoy being responsible , paying taxes and bills. I enjoy making choices for myself. I enjoy going shopping for food. I enjoy taking good care of my apartment. I really enjoy looking for a job. I am current working for McDonald's at Johnson City, N.Y.  I do my self-advocacy meeting every Tuesday at 5 pm and I am on the SANYS Board of Directors. I also do horseback riding, bowling and Special Olympics. Sometimes I go to the gym and also like bike riding and fishing. I like to have the freedom to make choices on my own. I even enjoy going to parades. I go to baseball games and basketball games. I also make friends in the community and on Facebook/Internet.