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Some highlights of SANYS 2015 Policy Statement (download the entire text by clicking HERE):

  • People with developmental disabilities and their families have concerns about funding and other resources for community supports they need now and into the future.
  • Over the years, SANYS has supported a shift in OPWDD services from large group living and day services, to smaller, more individualized and person-controlled supports based on what we need. This shift is no longer an option, it is now national policy, and NY must make changes.
  • Self-advocates across the state have call on OPWDD and NY State to reimagine and reinvent the services that are available to us.
  • As OPWDD closes institutions and high-cost services and moves people into the community with services that cost less, we must reinvest all of the funds saved on new services for people who are in need.
  • We want to live in our own homes; we want to choose the people we live with; we want to work as much as we can; we want do things that are meaningful to us every day in our communities and many of us want to self-direct our services with the help of a circle of support.
  • We appreciate that many of our direct support professional staff are currently receiving a small increase but our staff deserve and need a living wage.
  • Where will the funds come from to support the needs of people who are now, and who will be, waiting for services and supports?