We are pleased to share SANYS's response to OPWDD's Waiver Request For Information (RFI), an important part of the People First Waiver Application. Our response covers 22 questions that we choose to focus on that we felt were most related or significant to the development of individualized and self-directed services. We organized three RFI groups comprised of self-advocates, family members, providers experienced with providing individualized supports, and others related to our field. The RFI sessions were daylong events with at least 30 people in each session. The sessions were located in Rochester, Albany, and NYC with some representation from every region of NY. Participants were divided into smaller groups and each group spent the day discussing the 22 chosen questions in five areas: Assessment, Care Coordination, Quality, Effective Provision of Supports, and Fiscal Administrative and Organizational Structure. Over 90 people participated in this process.  The response was shared with and approved by SANYS'sExecutive Committee on the evening of December 22nd. The Executive Committee of SANYS's Board of Directors Assessment - Responses to RFI Questions Rev. 1 Care Coordination - Response to RFI Questions Rev. 1 Effective Provision of Supports - Responses to RFI Questions Rev. 1 Quality - Responses to RFI Questions Rev. 1 Fiscal Administrative and Organizational Structure - Responses to RFI Questions Rev. 1