Our SANYS Statewide Conference continues to grow in popularity. We are approaching capacity for our 2016 Conference and have temporarily suspended the availability of our online registration system. In order to make sure that our limited remaining space is handled in an fair way, we ask that you:

* Call our headquarters (518) 382-1454 or send an e-mail to CONF16@sanys.org and ask to be put on our waiting list.

* Download our Conference Brochure and Registration Form HERE, complete it and FAX it to 518.382.1594 (or e-mail a completed PDF copy to   CONF16@SANYS.ORG). * If we can include you in our 2016 Statewide Conference, we will confirm your registration via phone and/or e-mail. * If you have already registered prior to this announcement and received a confirmation from SANYS, you don't have to do anything further. *PLEASE REMEMBER THAT ALL REGISTRATION PAYMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED BY AUGUST 31, 2016.

Thanks for your patience during this process.  We want to be sure that we include as many people as possible in this year's conference, while also providing an enjoyable and safe experience at the Marriott Hotel, free from crowding and congestion.