On Monday December 11th, SANYS Director of Policy, Clint Perrin and Administrative Director, Arnold Ackerley presented testimony on housing to the New York State Assembly Committee on Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities. Clint reminded the committee that, “In addition to people with DD, there are many people in need of housing and better services (veterans, the elderly, people with MH) this committee should think of how to mobilize communities to bring all it’s members together to offer solutions and create real communities. Arnold pointed out that "NYS and OPWDD are in a difficult situation. There is a good faith effort to meet housing needs across the state. Housing has become a crisis and during crises it is easy to lose our way. We must be careful not to measure success merely as a reduction of #s on a waitlist. Placing someone in a home is not enough. It must be the right home; a home of choice. The right home will serve as a platform for greater opportunity. A place where a person enjoys quality of life at a standard sought by all citizens. Also please do not forget, that there are many people with DD all across New York State that are still living in group homes which are not the least restrictive setting for them. As we work to create more housing let’s not forget that there are many people who have housing but can still live in more independent settings and achieve greater independence and dignity”. To read the full testimony, click here: 12-2017 NYS Assembly MH DD Committee Testimony