"Staying Connected" Advocacy-Wellness Zoom Wednesday 1-3pm "Red CrossPreparedness Training", Weekly Right and Wellness Quote and Wellness Activity - Zoom Link: Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/209850037 see agenda: SANYS “Staying Connected” Advocacy – Wellness Zoom 4/29/20 1.) Welcome: Mike Rogers, Organizer, SANYS Western Updates: BJ and Arnold 2.) OPWDD Com-Hab Rules Update: Sam Mattle, Executive Director, Center for Self-Advocacy 3.) Red Cross Disaster Preparedness Training: Briana Freeman, Disaster Preparedness Specialist American Red Cross | Western NY Region (Family Emergency Plan easy read slides created by Allen Fontaine and Susan O’Hearn, FL) (Emergency Kit easy read slides created by Sandy Mislow, SANYS NYC) 4.) Right of the Week: Marilyn Stata, OPWDD Region 1 Finger Lakes Rights Advocacy (As taken from The OPWDD, Region 1, Individual Bill of Rights - Everyone Served has) The right to participate in developing a Life Plan which includes Person Centered Planning that addresses the person's preferences, capabilities and capacities that translate into a Staff Action Plan that states outcomes and the specific timeline to achieve them. (I would also add that our individual’s should add an Emergency Preparedness to being in quarantine right now . I also would say that our individuals have the right to put what they think is important to them in their Emergency Preparedness list/ box . - Marilyn Stata) 5.) Wellness Quote of the Week: “Your day is not about what happens to you but about what you make it to be”. - Renee Christian, Life Coach https://journeyguidelifecoachcom.teachable.com/p/journey-to-discovering-you-1 6.) Wellness Activity - Strive for Five: by Matt Hofele, Colleen Mackin, SANYS Board Members and Michelle Flood, SANYS Coordinator, Long Island