NY Senators Schumer and Gillibrand already oppose both bills, but many of our NYS Representatives may vote yes on any replacement for the AHCA. We need to get to these New York members of the House before the Senate bill comes to a vote to explain to them that both versions of the healthcare replacement would be disastrous for people with developmental disabilities.

Please Make 7 Quick Calls Immediately!

Call the Representatives below (even if you are not a constituent) and tell them: My name is _____________. I am a person with developmental disabilities (or friend/family/support person). I am calling to ask you to oppose any legislation that would cut or cap Medicaid as part of the AHCA. Medicaid funds 90% of essential services for people with developmental disabilities. Medicaid cuts or caps would seriously endanger this population.

Call: 1. Representative Chris Collins 202-225-5265 2. Representative John Faso 202-225-5614 3. Representative Peter T. King 202-225-7896 4. Representative Tom Reed 202-225-3161 5. Representative Elise Stefanik 202-225-4611 6.Representative Claudia Tenney 202-225-3665 7. Representative Lee Zeldin 202-225-3826

Note: You are also welcome to call the local offices but, at this time, we suggest calling their Washington numbers. Ask your friends and relatives to make these calls, too!