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In response to the coronavirus SANYS has taken precautions to best promote the health and well being of everyone. Each region has reduced staff for the next two weeks. Our regional coordinators are communicating any scheduling changes directly within each region. So you may find that some meetings will be happening by phone or video conference or may be temporarily postponed. If you have questions regarding SANYS events and regional office hours please contact your Regional Coordinator. We look forward to resuming full staffing and activities as usual in the near future.

Easy read information about Coronavirus in English
Easy read information about Coronavirus in Spanish

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My Life in Institutions and My Way Out

by Michael Joseph Kennedy This is the story of Michael Kennedy's life. Born in 1960 with significant disabilities, he describes his early experiences living in three different institutions for the mentally retarded and how he had to become his own advocate if he was going to survive. He soon realized that, unlike most of the others in institutions, he could make his voice heard. He had to speak up to help himself and other individuals with developmental disabilities to learn about their rights, and how to prevent themselves from becoming trapped forever within complicated state bureaucracies. After moving out of the last institution into various types of supported living settings, Michael describes how he found new friendships, went to school, got a "real" job, and began to aspire to have full control of his own life. "I want to let people know how the state system used to be and that institutions must never be reopened." This is a book about hard work, resilience, and hope. It is an extraordinary life story but told by an ordinary man with a clear mission to help others like himself.