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In response to the coronavirus SANYS has taken precautions to best promote the health and well being of everyone. Each region has reduced staff for the next two weeks. Our regional coordinators are communicating any scheduling changes directly within each region. So you may find that some meetings will be happening by phone or video conference or may be temporarily postponed. If you have questions regarding SANYS events and regional office hours please contact your Regional Coordinator. We look forward to resuming full staffing and activities as usual in the near future.

Easy read information about Coronavirus in English
Easy read information about Coronavirus in Spanish

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Take your wings and fly

Written by Wendy Orzel

Life is wonderful life is free life is what you make it to be that’s the general sentiment into today’s world that anyone can be anything but with a disability is this so We all want to live, work and be a neighbor without the added baggage caused by the ramp or the cane that guides people through the mud, rain or snow It’s your inner beauty within thee the world is filled with opportunity for you to see so don’t let your disability affect your ability too succeed Today you have to lead to make life better for those who follow you have the power to make today’s dream a reality for tomorrow One must have courage to make it through life’s journey don’t be afraid if your wings start to bend courage is not a matter of doing right or wrong and will take to the journey end Sometimes we wonder when will we be able to fly keep reaching for the sky and when you feel ready then you take your wings and fly You must not forget no matter what happens in a persons life just always remember you’re not alone because at the end there will be someone there who cares.