SANYS Get Out the Vote Task ForceResources:

Deadline to Register to Vote for 2021: Postmarked October 8, 2021, received by October 13, 2021

Zoom Calls:

October 13th 1-2pm What’s on the Ballot: Easy Read Ballot Proposals

Recordings of these calls can be made available- email

a red and blur circle with the words Rev Up! in the center Register! Educate! Vote! Use Your Power! Make the disability vote count


My Plan to Vote in 2021

Your Responsibility As Support Staff

Wallet Card of Federal Rights to Bring to the Polls with You

Helpful Websites:

Voter Registration Toolkit

Ways to Vote and Links to Register

Easy Read Guides to Voting by Autistic Self Advocacy Network

Learn About Candidates

Learn About Candidates, Registering, and Voting

Media Resources

WBFO- SANYS Interview “Disability advocates don’t play around with voting rights” (click to connect)

All About Voting 2020 Click below to watch the 10 minute video

My Vote Counts PSA by Erie County Board of Elections and SANYS Click below to Watch the 1 minute video

DRNY Interview with BJ and Shameka Click Below to watch the 7 minute video